Planning A Ceremony For Your Dog

You may be planning a wedding ceremony for your breeding dogs for a celebration of their partnership. It may be an excuse for an extravagant wedding party that you were unable to have yourself or perhaps you want to raise money for your favourite dog or animal charity.

Here are twelve handy tips for planing a wedding ceremony for your furry friend:

1.In addition to the bride and groom with their human handlers, invite other dogs to the wedding. Ask the bride’s best furry friends to serve as the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Invite the groom’s favorite four-legged friends to stand by his side as the best man and groomsmen.

2.You can book a licensed officiant or ask a close friend to lead the bride and groom through their wedding “bow vows”.

3.Weddings are meant to be celebrated and witnessed by friends and family members. Together with the parents of the bride or groom, compile a list of loved ones you want in attendance together with their fur-babies. The size of the venue may limit the number of people and dogs you invite.

4.A small, intimate wedding can be held in a backyard or a park. If you are choosing a large venue like a hotel ballroom, choose a venue where staff are comfortable working with dogs.

5.Decide if you will pay for services or do-it-yourself. You will need to source tasty food, lively music, gorgeous flowers and a photographer to capture all of the lovely memories.

6.The wedding ceremony can be as traditional or as informal as you wish. Many traditional wedding practices can be adapted for your canine friends. Here are some suggestions:
->Procession: Have the wedding party (and their human handlers) walk down the aisle to the altar.
->Symbol of Unity: Have the bride and groom drink out of a shared cup.
->Vows: The two love dogs may exchange vows in response to the officiant’s reading of the vows. For example, ‘Do you Scruffy take Fluffy to be your beloved?’ Scruffy can woof his approval and Fluffy the same when it’s her turn.
->Pronouncement of Marriage: After the dogs exchange vows, the officiant can formally announce the happy couple. ‘I now pronounce you two dogs in love. You may sniff your bride!’

7.Formal or informal, the reception should cater to dogs and human guests. Have treats for the dogs or serve them a formal meal. For your two-legged guests, consider a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Order a canine cake and a separate dessert for your guests. After the ceremony ensure there is a play area for the dogs and a dance floor for their human guests.

8.Wedding outfits can be bought for the wedding party from dog boutiques and pet stores.

9.When the wedding details are finalized, create the invitations to the day. You may also want to explain why you are hosting a dog wedding. Mail the invitations a few weeks before the nuptials so that guests have time to RSVP.

10.Surround yourself with a team of volunteers and vendors to help set up the wedding celebrations to include the flowers, setting up the reception tables, cooking and baking and decorating your venue.

11.On the wedding day morning, treat the bride and groom to a spa date to have their hair and nails done. Get to the venue for the ceremony, relax and enjoy the celebration

12.Finally, remember our four-legged friends are likely to be unpredictable, so keep your sense of humour around their antics.