Celebrities Who Are Major Dog Lovers

As comfortable in front of the cameras as their A-list owners, celebrity dogs have their own moments in the limelight, with some even having their own Instagram accounts.

From Lady Gaga's black bulldog with her own clothing line to Miley Cyrus's furry crew who share her bed every night to dogs who’ve been rescued from rescues and shelters by dozens of celebrities, these pets are used to lapping up the luxury lifestyle.

Lady Gaga’s Miss Asia Kinney and Koji

Lady Gaga and husband Taylor Kinney is one of the celebrities who shares her love for her pampered pooches all over Instagram. She has an adorable black French Bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney, who has modelled in a Coach campaign, appeared in a television trailer and has launched her own line of pet products including an organic pet food line with her mum as artistic director for the collection. Miss Asia also appeared alongside her famous owner in a television trailer for Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido. Miss Asia gained a little brother, Koji, also a French bulldog, last year. The sandy-coloured pup is yet to gain the high status of his sister.

Zac Efron

Zac and his girlfriend, model Sami Miro, adopted a little black dog from a shelter back in November 2014. A companion dog for Puppy Efron who sadly died of old age in August 2016.

Miley Cyrus's pack of dogs

Animal lover Miley Cyrus has owned cats, dogs, rabbits, a blowfish and even a pig over the years, usually adopting strays to give them a better home. Her brood of four dogs includes Mary Jane, a black and white pit bull, Happy, a Rottweiler-beagle mix, teeny rescue pooch Penny Lane, bulldog Ziggy, chihuahua mix Bean, and Shetland sheepdog Emu Coyne Cyrus in tribute to Miley's friend and collaborator Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, who she often calls MuMu.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz's pet pooches include a fluffy cream and sandy-coated American Eskimo Papillon mix, and a German Shepherd.

Paris Hilton's Peter Pan and Poms

Heiress and reality star Paris Hilton was one of the original celebrities to show off her pet in public. Tiny chihuahua Tinkerbell, who died aged 14 years was usually seen poking out of her handbag. Tinkerbell left behind three brothers and sisters: chihuahua Peter Pan Hilton, Pomeranian Prince Hilton the Pom and Princess Paris Jr the Pom, also a Pomerarian. All three have their own Instagram accounts with thousands for followers.

Josh Duhamel

Actor Josh Duhamel has a lady in his life in addition to his wife. He is besotted with his dachshund Zoe. Josh and is also an active supporter of shelters and rescues. Zoe is a great friend to Josh’s son Axl and continues Josh’s love of dachsund’s after the death of Meatloaf in 2012 who was also rescued from a shelter. Meatloaf was truly a beautiful dog," Josh still misses Meatloaf, saying:

"He was the most lovable, appreciative, soulful little dude. He just turned out to be such a great pet, such a great friend, and ever since then I've been an advocate of rescuing". To promote the cause, Josh starred in a short documentary film for Pedigree's 'See what good food can do' campaign, which encourages dog lovers to share their personal animal rescue stories online.